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5 best Minecraft modern mansion designs (2022)


One of the most popular parts of Minecraft is building. With the advent of Minecraft creative servers, this has only become more prevalent as Minecraft has aged over the years.

One of the most popular things that players prefer to create for fun in Minecraft is stylish houses. The styles and approaches to these huge houses differ, but the ultimate effect is always a spacious, modern home with luxurious amenities.

Those looking for Minecraft modern mansion ideas can check out the list below, which aggregates five of the greatest for inspiration or a step-by-step instruction.

Best Minecraft modern mansion designs

Top five breathtaking contemporary mansion design blueprints in Minecraft

Huge modern mansion

The first on the list is one of the most stunning and well-designed modern residences. This specific construction has a castle-like appearance, with numerous fences and windows. This is an excellent option for individuals who want to design something rustic with a modern twist.

In comparison to some of the other mansion designs on our list, this one is rather simple to construct. The fact that it is simple to construct does not detract from its beauty.

Oceanside modern mansion

Greg Builds, a prominent YouTuber, demonstrates how to construct an enormously big modern oceanside home complex in this video. As the name implies, this edifice is built on the edge of an ocean, with a large yard and guest homes.

Although this is undoubtedly one of the most stylish options on the list, it is challenging to construct and will most likely take some time. It has several added amenities, such as a large outdoor pool and a colosseum. This mansion is quite similar to Tony Stark’s mansion in many aspects.

3 Floor container white house

If players are looking for something different, this build by prominent Korean YouTuber ManDooMiN takes the cake. This design’s uniqueness makes it stand out in its class.

Although it has a distinct aesthetic than the others on this list, it uses many of the same elements, such as quartz and large windows. This is ideal for enjoying the outdoors while also being reasonably priced to put together.

Big modern house

This particular home appears to be really warm while preserving a sleek and modern appearance. While the mansion is vast, every inch of it is meticulously designed, making it ideal for both experienced and novice Minecraft builders.

Due to the extensive usage of stone bricks, quartz, and stained glass, this build is on the pricey side in terms of resource costs. If players can afford it, though, the end effect is well worth it.

Modern villa style mansion

Last but not least, there is an exceptionally gorgeous mansion designed in the manner of a unique villa. It was created by prominent blueprint maker Akila Gaming and is ideal for individuals who want something that is both functional and attractive.

Additionally, this specific build has all of the comforts that gamers could possibly need while playing survival mode or Minecraft survival servers with pals. Multiple storage areas, a bathroom, and even a contemporary kitchen are included.

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