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Vanilla RTX Normals (Update)

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Vanilla RTX Normals is a collection of PBR resources for Minecraft RTX that enhances the game’s primary gameplay by including high-quality PBR maps and fog configurations.
In order to provide the most information, Vanilla RTX Normals completely utilize per pixel MERs, which determine Metallic/Emissive/Roughness for each block. Heightmaps and normal maps exist as separate subpacks. Every block found in the base game is covered by this pack.

Cre: XubeIR (YoutubeTwitter)

Vanilla RTX Normals

You may enjoy Minecraft’s Ray tracing at its best using this Texture. Vanilla RTX Normals is often updated to both add new blocks and improve the appearance of existing ones, and all values for metallic/emissive/roughness contain minor and huge details. Additionally, there are a few other minor packs that allow you to modify particular features of Vanilla RTX Normals.

Reviews RTX Normals:

Vanilla RTX Normal
Vanilla RTX Normal

If you want to download Vanila RTX Normal for Old Version you can download in

Download Vanila RTX Normal

Glowing Terracotta (optional) or (Link Backup)

Vanilla RTX Normals v1.7.3 (Release) or (Link Backup)

Help Discord (optional)

GitHub (may be unfinished)

Glowing Ores (optional) or (Link Backup)

Clear Glass (optional) or (Link Backup)

Clear Water (optional) or (Link Backup)

More Texture pack for Minecraft PE you can check more in or

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