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5 best Minecraft horror maps to play this Halloween


What better way to enjoy the spooky holiday than with some horrifying Minecraft gameplay? Halloween is just around the corner. For players to enjoy, the Minecraft community has created a huge variety of unique maps. Some of these maps have a horror theme, which we believe would be perfect for the Halloween season.

So without further ado, download any one of these five eerie Minecraft maps and get ready to experience some fantastic horror gameplay.

5 best Minecraft horror maps to play this Halloween

1. The Wraithing Trials

A fantastic horror map called The Wraithing Trials was made in the game Minecraft using ideas from Dead By Daylight and The Among Us. The players start their quest in an eerie mining community on the map.

In this multiplayer level, the players are cursed, and they gradually transform into wraiths that kill the other players covertly. You need to gather materials, make tools and weapons, and figure out how to kill the wraiths.

2. Glaskin Cave

The excellent horror map Glaskin Cave in Minecraft offers players a wholly immersive experience, complete with jump scares and spooky background noises that shock you to your very core.

best Minecraft horror maps

Paul Iskat, the player, is an investigator who must descend into the depths of the Glaskin Cave, where three adventurers have vanished. The atrocity that happened in the Glaskin Cave four years ago happened there. Could the two occurrences be connected? Play to learn!

3. Hello Neighbor

In the well-known game Hello Neighbor, players must sneak into the unsettling neighbor’s basement, where he or she is keeping some secrets. This Minecraft map is based on the same game, and it plays very much like the original.

The player must summon the guts to enter their neighbor’s abode of horrors in this single-player horror adventure. You’ll run into obstacles like traps and the gruff neighbor himself, who if you don’t conceal yourself well enough, could capture you.

Download Hello Neighbor act 1 ( Bedrock)

4. Insanity

The Minecraft map Insanity offers players both a frightful experience and an engaging narrative to play with. The player will hear unexpected knocks on their door when they awaken, but opening the door will be the worst decision they have ever made.

When played alone, the puzzle-solving, parkour, and combat-themed map Insanity is downright terrifying. The noises and music establish the mood for this incredible experience, so we advise turning up the volume on your headphones.

5. Night Shift on Halloween

You are working at your workplace by yourself while the entire globe is celebrating Halloween. You should have left work earlier since you soon discover that some of the eerie decorations have come to life!

In the brief yet blood-curdling horror escape game Night Shift on Halloween, the player is locked in an office and has to find a way out before the ghosts in the building locate them.

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