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Tropical Parkour | Map Minecraft PE


WELCOME TO TROPICAL PARKOUR, a free-flowing map with a creative setting and amazing handmade and spontaneously generated architecture. You’ll experiment along the way, picking your favorite shaders and adding a personal touch, from small to large jumps (compatible with any type of shaders and textures).

Cre: You Koala (Youtube)

Tropical Parkour

This is not a duplication, but it is a nearly identical recreation of the same map, with the exception that all of the blocks were constructed and updated for the Java versions.

  • Recommendations (where applicable): The number of players is unrestricted.
  • The spawning locations are growing farther apart.
  • Choose the shaders that are most suited to your device.
  • Both day and night situations can be used.
  • It is possible to use external textures and extensions (not included).

Some screenshots for this Maps:

mcpeaddons download

Download Parkour Map 

Download Parkour Map (Drive)

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