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True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse (V7.3 Medical Update)

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How would you feel walking in a world overrun with the undead? When you walk through this world you will understand what it is like to live in a Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse. Could you survive?

Creator: Four Worlds Studios (Youtube)

True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse

  • All hostile Minecraft Mobs have been removed. you should only see Zombies
  • Most Zombies die in water or rain, sleeping to skip the day will do nothing
  • Pray for rain

The Addon

This Zombie Apocalypse is simple. Can you survive in a world overrun by Zombies and other people trying to kill you? Let’s find out!

The History

  • A deadly virus has taken over the Minecraft world, some entities were killed instantly (Creepers, Skeletons,…). Everyone else became the undead… a zombie
  • Different types of Zombies have taken over the Minecraft world, each type will have its own characteristics, it may be speed, strength, or something else
  • Whatever the case if you see a Zombie… run
  • Some people are survivors like you and you will find them wandering around getting attacked or attacking Zombies.
  • NPCs will automatically attack Zombies just as zombies will automatically attack NPCs. If an NPC dies from a Zombies attack they will become Zombies themselves.
  • If you see an NPC in a safe place you may be able to trade with them, if you have the correct item you can tame them and add them to your team

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The zombies

When you kill a zombie it will turn into a dead Zombie, it will lay on the floor and start to decompose. Decomp has 3 stage

The 1st stage is the Zombie laying on the floor as fresh as when you killed it, this will last 20 seconds, within this time you can use a Carving Knife to take some Rotten Flesh from the corpse, by taking some flesh it will take the dead

Zombie to the next stage of decomp

Zombie Apocalypse

In the 2nd stage, you will see the Zombie has started to rot away, this stage will also last 20 seconds, within this time you can once again use your Carving Knife to rip away some more Rotten Flesh, by taking the flesh of the dead Zombie will move to its last stage of Decomp.

More information for Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse and download this addon you can find in

The Medical Kit and more things in Medical has been updated in True Survival Zombie Apocalypse (V7.3 Medical Update).

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