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10 Best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


What do you think about Best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition????

Minecraft contains a variety of features that will keep you entertained and excited indefinitely. Many players, on the other hand, choose to customize their games with modifications and add-ons.

Shaders in the official game have been requested by several gamers. Regrettably, it is still only accessible through the use of mods or add-ons. Shaders were first developed for the Java Edition. Modders quickly created shaders for Bedrock Edition as well.

Because the same game can be played on a variety of platforms with varying specifications, Bedrock Edition is noted for being optimized. Shaders may have a negative impact on the game’s performance on low-end devices. In any case, players can always apply shaders to create a visually appealing screenshot of their creations.

Best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Spectrum Shader V2.0 Renewed

Let’s start with Spectrum Shader, which is a fairly optimized shader. For players with low-end Android or iOS devices, this shader is strongly recommended. On smartphones with 1 or 2 GB of RAM, it performs admirably.

Spectrum Shader improves game aesthetics by adding realistic sky textures, wind coloring, realistic water, fog, reflection, and many other features. Spectrum Shader’s only drawback is that it is only available for Android and iOS.

OSBES Shader

OSBES Shader is an Open Source Bedrock Edition. So Open source means that you can contribute to this shader development. On the repository page, you will find some contribution recommendations and instructions.

To boost the effectiveness of its smart lighting, OSBES provides new sparkling textures for several blocks. Because it’s open-source, it gets updates as soon as Mojang releases a new version of Minecraft.


RealSource RTX is a new 3D texture pack for Minecraft PE! It’s available in 128, 512, 1024 px. Textures with light, reflection, and 3D surface structure in combination with RTX create the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock.

Shaderless Shader v2.0

An ultra realistic shader for Minecraft Pe – Shaderless Shader will change the looks of the Minecraft game in a natural way. A shader but without shaders and not as a regular texture pack! This pack active on both mobile and window, work well on 100% of devices, and is only 5MB in size.

With this package, you will play all your survival or creative maps with RTX! The goal of the RealSource RTX pack is to get as close as possible to the realistic appearance of textures!

Hyra Shaders v4

Playing Minecraft with feeling realistic graphics, get spoil your eyes by using Hyra Shaders V4 Pe! It will bring you to a new world full of beautiful coloring and lifely lighting and make the world become a reality.

There are available several variants in this shader, it includes Ultra, Medium, and Lite choose from. It’s up to your the capabilities of the device you are using.

ESBE 3G Shader

Do you know ESBE 2G Shader? Yeah, ESBE 3G Shader is the same creator as a 2D shader. It’s wonderful!

And like the previous shader, this texture pack will make your world more beautiful with fewer device resources. You don’t have to prepare a powerful device (iPhone 5 is still enough to). Enjoy your beautiful world with!

Zebra Shaders

Zebra Shaders is realistic shader packs that are made for low mobile devices, with beautiful coloring.


  • Colorful Tonemapping
  • Foggy rain
  • Beautiful nightsky and Star
  • Clean water
  • Leaves move
  • Sun and Moon

Ultra Realismo Shader

Ultra Realismo Shader V1.4 is more realistic with the purpose of improving the graphics for a greater gaming experience based on the canceled project of Mojang Super Duper Graphics Pack only compatible with Android/iOS.

Simple Shader

A Simple Shader pack is a perfect solution for anyone who has got a low-end device and can not be able to use any of the other shader packs. Simple but it still gets some of the essential features to make your world in Minecraft become beautiful and faithfully realistic more such as realistic skies,…

Newb Shader

Aesthetic shader pack for Minecraft PE – Newb Shader which focusing on improving the existing vanilla shader. It will make your game look more aesthetic and realistic, moreover, it doesn’t make ruining the existing gameplay or sacrificing much performance.

With Best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that recommend in this article hope you can enjoy. Introduce the app with your friend to have a good  experience.

Download Shaders Texture Packs for Minecraft Pe (ANDROID)

Download Shaders Texture Packs for Minecraft PE (IOS)

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