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Christmas Advent Calendar Addon


Add-on for the Christmas Advent Calendar! There are no French chickens here! For the next 24 days running up to Christmas, there will be a new present every day, as well as a special present on Christmas Day! There will be no peeping! MNO wishes you a happy holiday season!

Cre: Mno (YoutubeTwitter)

Christmas Advent Calendar Addon

You’ll need an Advent Calendar gift box to get started. Follow these instructions to make one:

Gifts include:

  • Dancing elves
  • Dancing Santa
  • Christmas Cake
  • Christmas Trees (with music!)
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Turkeys (my favorite)
  • Stockings
  • Christmas Cards
  • Decorations
  • Reindeer
  • Santa Chair (and yes, Santa will sit on it, and *you* can sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what you’d like for Christmas)
  • Candy Canes

Some screenshots from Easyminecraft for this addons:

You can also manufacture your own eggnog (WARNING: this stuff can make you dizzy, among other things…) by following these steps:

There’s also potato salad! The Holiday Season would be completed without potato salad:

Download Christmas Advent Calendar Addon (Mediafire)

Download Christmas Advent Calendar Addon (Drive)

More detail you can find out more at in site Hope you have a happy Christmas with your friend. Thank you for follow us.

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