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Modular Bosses Addon Beta


Due to the removal of a critical component from the Curseforge API, Modular Bosses, a popular Java mod known as “THE UNKILLABLE BOSS MOD!” was abandoned in 2018. For almost six months, we’ve been working on bringing it back for Bedrock, and here’s your first look at the new, and Official Modular Bosses continuation.

Cre: AztecAddons (Yotube, Twitter)

Modular Bosses + BETA

Welcome to Modular Bosses +!

Modular Bosses Plus is an upgrade for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that adds a bunch of new creatures and bosses to the game!

Legends Sword

Legends Sword is a powerful sword crafted from Mythical ingots, a heavy-hitting sword designed to take down the addon’s bosses, dealing a whopping 21 damage!

Shadow Katana

The Shadow Katana is a wonderful weapon that will be dropped by the Shade Howler, a new boss in the update.

It deals 15 damage, which is somewhat higher than a Sharpness V Netherite sword.

Bait That Smells

Smelly Bait is a huge slice of pork that can be thrown on the ground to attract sandworms.


Chorp Chorp 

The Chorp Chorp is the first of four members of the Chorp family.

This massive slug spawns in groups and has an HP of 100.

It will use slime blasts to swarm its target, although it has a long cooldown.

Smasher Chorp

Eyeball Octopus

The Sandworm has a hitchhiker in the form of the Eyeball Octopus.

This mob has 20 HP and is quite weak in comparison to the rest of the mod’s mobs.

It will give a deathly gaze and unleash deadly fire beams at its prey, killing them quickly!

Flying Skull

The Flying Skull is a nether mob and a Sandworm Hitchhiker.

It lies dormant until a target approaches, at which moment it swoops down and attacks.

Its adversaries are similar to the Vex.

These hordes, on the other hand, are easy to slay with a single stroke of a wooden sword.


The Tick, which is a Sandworm Hitchhiker, may be a problem for arachnophobics.

This massive bug will begin small and weak, with only 20 HP, but if it inflicts enough damage on its target, it will grow to 80 HP and become a much bigger nuisance.


The Golem is a mob that can be mighty or feeble depending on the substance.

There are 15 golems in total, each made of a different substance with various strengths.

Shockwave slam and block flinging assault are their two attacks.

An Obsidian or Netherite golem possesses a gigantic 400 HP and a hefty 30 damage, so that shield will come in handy!



Heavy Chorp


Tatters is a nasty reaper that can cause a lot of trouble if you don’t have any form of defense.

This mob appears weak in relation to its size, speed, and health, which is only 100, but don’t write it off! Tatters can teleport and throw his dual-ended scythe, which can kill someone without armor and causes massive damage. The reaper must be avoided at all costs!


NOTE: The Paragon is still under development, and the majority of the attacks and features detailed here have yet to be implemented!

The Paragon is a powerful and dangerous mob that lumbers around with a heavy chorp and employs a variety of assaults, such as kicking you far away, groundpounding, and a massive shockwave that sweeps people into the air. It’s got 400 health and isn’t joking around! Stay away from these if at all possible!


The Sandworm is the largest mob in the mod, spanning roughly 200 blocks and occasionally being too big to fit on screen. This mob will charge straight at prey and circle the area it’s hunting, and in the future, it will be able to devour you alive, letting you to fight through its stomach like a dungeon.

Misc Mobs


The Chorpling is a little, quick chorp that may be tamed with various foods and slimeballs!

Once tamed, it will attack your targets with small slimeballs, however they’re weak pets who will likely die quickly against larger bosses, which is a shame:(

Modular Bosses

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Download Modular Bosses Addon Beta (Drive) 

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