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5 best zombie mods in Minecraft


Zombies are one of Minecraft’s most well-known mobs. Even non-Minecraft players are aware of the zombie creatures that appear in the game.

Zombies are a prevalent hostile mob that appears at night and in dimly lit areas. These undead hordes aren’t only after players. Iron golems, villagers, roaming traders, snow golems, and baby turtles are all targets for zombies. Fortunately for gamers, zombies in Minecraft are not overly powerful and are rather easy to defeat.

Players can use mods to transform these boring mobs into powerful and terrifying monsters. Mods can change the behavior of entities as well as add new gameplay, mobs, and blocks. Some zombie hacks can cause a zombie apocalypse or give these hungry hordes incredible intellect.

5 Best Zombie mods in Minecraft

Zombie Awareness

As players may expect, the zombie awareness mod gives the dull zombies “consciousness.” If a player is injured, they will begin to splatter blood on the ground. Zombies are drawn to the blood of the player and will begin following the blood spots.

In this mod, torches and sounds also attract zombies. When installing torches in tunnels and bases, be cautious. Placing or mining a block will warn surrounding zombies. Players who are tired of regular zombies might use this mod to encounter intelligent zombies.

More Zombies Mod

One type of zombie, however, is insufficient to frighten players. This patch introduces additional zombie varieties to Minecraft as well as a terrifying new dimension.

In addition, the More Zombie mod adds additional item drops such as zombie eyeballs and the god totem. God totems can be used to summon a Zombie God.

Rotten Creatures

The Rotten Creatures Mod is recommended for players looking for new zombie kinds. Players will encounter eight different species of zombies with this zombie mod. Each zombie has a unique skill. Frostbitten zombies can paralyze players, while swampy zombies can blind and poison them.

After dying, these new zombies also drop unique goods. The infernal flesh of a burned zombie can be utilized as fuel. Treasure chests can be obtained by slaying Captain Dead Beard of the Drowned Pirates.

Hostile Worlds – Invasion

Invasions: Hostile Worlds adds a zombie apocalypse to Minecraft. Every three days, gamers in Hostile Worlds will have to endure a zombie invasion.

Zombies can mine the player’s base and infiltrate it. Players can alter the zombies’ difficulty level. Larger hordes of zombies with diamond weapons and armor will appear at higher difficulties.

Miner zombies begin the assault by clearing a route to the player’s base. The gamers are then attacked by zombies and other undead mobs until morning arrives. The sacrifice block allows players to skip invasions three times in a row.

Decimation – Zombie Apocalypse

Decimation is one of Minecraft’s most terrifying zombie mods. In Decimation, players only have one goal: to survive. Cities are overrun by zombies searching for survivors. Players must live and defend themselves against a virus that is spreading over the world.

Many fascinating features, such as skills and NPC commerce, are included in this mod. Players can develop their abilities in order to increase their chances of surviving. Players can trade a variety of commodities, including guns, in safe zones. To survive the apocalypse in Minecraft, players must keep their health, hunger, and a variety of other things in balance.

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