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Naruto Jedy Addon V7 | Crystal


An awesome Naruto Minecraft mod created by a Brazilian fan for other fans, the Naruto Jedy Addon, features textures and models that are totally unique, gorgeous, and in HD! The Sharingan, Byakugan, Mangekyo, Rinnegan, and Susanoos can now be used. or take on Bijuus, fight ninjas, become a Jinchuuriki, and more. Now let’s investigate this add-on!

Cre: JedyTensei

Naruto Jedy Addon V7 | Crystal

This update brings a lot of new things like the new hud system, with important things like your HP, Chakra, TP, SPINS, and NIVEL.

This naruto mod Minecraft has been updated and is completely playable in survival. Some gameplay mechanics will be introduced. To activate the modes, just use the holding in the screen / right-click

Gameplay Mechanics

Score Bar

  • Your health is measured in hearts and is known as HP.
  • Your chakra’s maximum is determined by your level (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350). 
  • By using 9 Giga Chakra to produce FRUTO DE CHAKRA, you can level up.
  • Your chakra for performing jutsus is CHK. 
  • Each jutsu will use some energy; to replenish your chakra, hold SHIFT or sneak
  • For purchasing genkais from the genkais menu, you get SPINS. 
  • You understand how shinobi life/shindo life functions. 
  • Purchase spins using TP at LOJA SHINOBI.
  • Training Points, or TP for short, are like coins. 
  • You can purchase items from him at LOJA SHINOBI by killing addon mobs and using the TP drop that the mobs leave behind.


This is the main item of Naruto Jedy addon that is divided into three types: Nano Chakra, Chakra, and Giga Chakra.

You have to kill Nukenin ninjas to achieve this, it spawns across the map. You also get nano-chakra by killing Tenten and Ichiraku although that’s not the focus of these two mobs


To get this one, you have to make a friendship with a Wolf, taming him, and after killing him. So Wolf will drop the Curse of Hate

Bijuus – Naruto Jedy Addon

You will be obtained randomly. To fight Bijuus, you have to find Yellow Parchers on the map, then hit it and collect the Bijuu Random Summon item.


Use Ryō to buy Onigiri, Dangos and Ramen with Ichiraku. Besides that, it can also be used to buy weapons with Tenten who has a large arsenal for sale

Bijuus/Tailed Beasts




More information and Download Naruto Jedy addon in Naruto Minecraft

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