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Thomas.exe Addon Minecraft PE

Thomas.exe Addon 4

Greetings, gentlemen! Do you know what the TV show “Thomas and Friends” is about? Thomas from that show, aren’t you familiar with him? As a result, I’m presenting you a more cruel and horrifying version of Thomas in the Thomas.exe addition. It’s Thomas.exe that I’m talking about. Thomas.exe addon was created by LGUNM YT, the creator of the “Asian Ghost Addon.” I hope you like using this add-on.

Cre: LGUNM YT (Youtube

Thomas.exe Addon Feature

Some screenshots for this addon:

Walk Animation

Attack Animation

Idle Animation


  • Attack Damage – 1000
  • Health – 5000
  • Can Climb – True
  • Break Block – True (wood, wooden door, wooden button, wooden slab, wooden fence, etc)
  • EXP – 100
  • Knockback Resistance – 100
  • Move Speed – 0.35
  • Avoid Block – True (TNT)



  • Do not attempt to copy the code, model, animation, or texture.
  • You may evaluate or include this addon in your material as long as you credit the creator.
  • Other than the MCPEDL link, do not distribute any other links such as mediafire, mega, googledrive, or others.
  • If you want to use this addon on your map, contact the owner for permission.
Thomas.exe addon

Download Thomas.exe Addon (RP) or here (Drive)

Download Thomas.exe Addon (BP) or here (Drive)

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