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Boats Plus Addon Minecraft PE


Users can personalize vanilla boats with objects like crates, barrels, hoppers, sails, and even a TNT cannon thanks to the Boats Plus extension. As a result, transportation and exploration will be more interesting.

Boats Plus Addon

Right-click/interact with chests or barrels to attach them to storage boats. You can only add two chests/barrels because they take up boat seats.

Hopper Boats: Right-click/interact with the boat to attach Hopper to it. Only one hopper can be used at a time. When the player’s inventory is full, adjacent floating goods can be acquired.
Sail Boats: You’ll need two Sticks and three Wool blocks of the same color to create a Sail Boat (Watch the video for recipe). There are 16 distinct color options available, all of which can be constructed using colored wools. Right-click/interact with it once you’ve completed making it to link it to the boat.

TNT Cannon Boats: Right-click/interact with the dispenser to attach it to the boat. To shoot TNTs, hold TNT and right-click/interact with the boat while riding!


All inventory items and attachments will be dropped when the boats are broken, but they will not vanish.

Limitations: Sails were created to increase a boat’s speed. However, because the speed of the vanilla boat is hardcoded, it’s now just for show.

Download Boats Plus Addon (Mcpack)

Download Boats Plus Addon.Zip (Mediafire)

Download Boats Plus Addon (Drive)

Download Boats Plus Addon.Zip (Drive)

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