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Top Minecraft lucky block Addons in 2022


What do you think about Lucky Block Addons change Boring Vanilla Block in your Minecraft Game?????

Minecraft mods are a great way to spice up the game and make it more complex. Minecraft has one of the most active modding communities in the world, including modifications such as RLCraft, Optifine, JurassiCraft, Lucky Blocks, and many others.

One of the most enjoyable and engaging Minecraft mods is Lucky Block. Players will be able to manufacture and find lucky bricks in this patch. However, as the name implies, lucky blocks are not always lucky. Players can also get unfortunate and acquire harmful repercussions from time to time.

Top Minecraft lucky block Mods in 2022

Many modders produced their own variants of lucky block modifications with new crafting recipes and varied unlucky and lucky loot tables after the release of the initial lucky block mod. Some of the best Lucky Block mods for Minecraft are discussed in this article.

Astral Lucky Block Addon

Astral Lucky Block Addon adds the astral lucky block which adds new weapons, blocks, enemies, and many more.

There are a total of around 300 different things that can come up when breaking this block. The original Lucky Block was also added so you can create the astral block and of course, it works too.

Lucky Block Addon

Lucky Block Addon has added to Minecraft. A bunch of the items will drop randomly when you destroy luck blocks such as diamonds, dirt, emerald, gold, bedrock, armor or dragon egg, even enchanted apples.

Lucky Block Addon

Lucky Block Entity

Lucky Block Entity is an addon that adds new lucky blocks but in the form of a very cute entity. With which you can get random things for your survival world.

In your world, you can find these entities on the surface of any biome where there is grass, once you manage to find this new entity, you can hit it up to 2 times with your hand and it will drop random objects. With a third hit, this entity will die and will be able to drop an object again, drop advanced objects, generate structures, generate entities, or simply become an angry block of luck.

Hardcore Lucky Block Addon

Hardcore Lucky block is an add-on to the next level. It will bring a mix of emotions to players when they find something that they don’t know what will happen inside the Lucky Block!!!

Since the player breaks the block, there is something horrible will happens at that moment from explosions to monster spawning.

This Minecraft mod is for players who are tired of the same old lucky blocks. Lucky Block OMEGA adds many new types of custom weapons, armors, items, and mobs.

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