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5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition

Best Gun Mods

Are you looking for the best gun mods for Minecraft PE? If you are a gun lover or a lover of shooters and fighting genres, You will love these addons and pocketmods we shared today.

These modifications will replace dull old equipment in your Minecraft environment with a variety of minecraft bedrock weapon mods.

Download 5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft PE

The most popular modifications are ranked based on the number of shares and likes they have received on social media. Some people may find it intriguing, but others may not. You do, however, have a variety of different options.

Actual Guns CSO V3.1.9: 20 Attachments

Welcome to Actual Guns CSO – the first addon to introduce custom guns and features such as first shot accuracy, Recoil recovery, Skins, Different accuracy when (jumping, walking, in air, swimming, ladder, etc), Silencers, Hit-markers, Announcers, Bursts, Semis, B Modes, Enhancements, Attachments, Editions, Enchantments, Parts and more!

5 Best Gun Mods

Actual Guns 3D v1.3.2

The gun addon is no stranger to Minecraft, but 3D is the first! What about trying something new? Then you should definitely try Actual Guns 3D, this addon is available for Minecraft bedrock edition.

Better Guns Addon

Better Guns Addon is a Minecraft Gun Addon, that’s just better for those who want to use a gun with other addons? Want to draft them in Survival? This add-on lets you do just that! With Multiplayer and Multi-Addon support!

Resizer Gun

Resizing the animals around you is easy with the Resizer Gun v1.2.2 3D add addons, just install addon you will get 2 guns, expander and shrink then be ready to go. Have you ever wished to make your pet wolf bigger or the bees smaller to make it look more realistic?

3D Guns & Weapon

Sincerely present to you our new addon: 3D Guns and Weapons addon. This addon will add 3D weapons and 3D Gun for Minecraft PE.

What have in this addon?

3D Gun: 13

3D Weapon: 1

All guns have run animations. To reload all the guns, you need to hold ammo for a certain weapon in your hand.

With Best Gun Modsfor Minecraft PE that Mcpe addons recommend in this article hope you maybe enjoy with your friend. Thank you for following us. Please support more by using more Gun mods for Minecraft in our app:

Actual guns mod 3D for MCPE (ANDROID)

Actual guns mod 3D for MCPE (IOS)

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