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10 best Bedrock texture packs for Minecraft 1.19 update


If gamers of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition wish to give their worlds a new look, downloading a texture pack or two might be a good idea.

Though texture packs are available in-game through the Minecraft Marketplace, they can also be downloaded from third-party websites. These packs can be manually installed and provide the same graphic upgrade without requiring gamers to spend money on microtransactions.

There are several websites that offer texture packs for both Java and Bedrock Edition, and the selection is vast. Minecraft users will discover a large selection of Bedrock texture packs for version 1.19 below.

10 best Bedrock texture packs for Minecraft 1.19 update

1) The Asphyxious Custom Pack

Asphyxious is a Minecraft texture collection developed for horror aficionados that is both beautiful and scary.

The texturing on the blocks give a realistic sense to them without being overly photorealistic. The mobs, on the other hand, are extremely terrifying in this pack.

Endermen appear to have a strange substance growing on them, Creepers have an almost anglerfish-like appearance, and the Warden appears to be completely insane.

This pack isn’t for the faint of heart, but with the correct shaders, it can be an amazing horror experience.

10 best Bedrock texture packs for Minecraft 1.19 update

2) John Smith Legacy

The John Smith Legacy has been adjusted and enhanced over the years, dating back to beta. It is one of the longest-running Minecraft texture packs accessible.

For an even better visual experience, the pack can augment existing in-game graphics and even incorporate its own new models. Players may expect a highly detailed set of textures regardless of which choice they choose.

The brickwork in stone brick blocks can essentially be counted, and the leaf block textures appear to be extraordinarily voluminous, almost as if they were meant to mimic real life.

For some players, this pack may be a bit resource-intensive, but those who meet the hardware requirements should give it a try.


3) Legendary RT Textures

Legendary RT promises to be a truly immersive experience for Minecraft players with powerful hardware.

The textures start at a resolution of 128x but can be upscaled to a maximum of 1024x. Furthermore, the textures can be ray-traced to create an appealing look by dispersing light across their surfaces.

Minecraft users may even forget what game they’re playing if this texture pack is combined with the appropriate shaders. The game’s textures have been completely overhauled.

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4) Epic Adventures x32

Epic Adventures, which was released in late 2017, has remained one of the most visually appealing texture packs.

Epic Adventures is available in both Java and Bedrock Editions, and while it only has a 32x resolution, it accomplishes a lot with it. Beautiful vistas of well-crafted block textures and redesigned skyboxes await players. The skies in the End are especially remarkable, reflecting the alien atmosphere that the dimension is supposed to convey.

This pack also changes the Overworld to make it feel more realistic, and it shouldn’t have as much of an impact on performance as previous higher-resolution packs.

5) Night Vision

Night Vision texture pack is more of a tool than a full-fledged Minecraft texture pack. It does, however, serve its function in that it keeps players in a constant state of night vision. Players won’t get lost in dark caves this way, and they should be able to see far down below the sea floor.

This texture pack does not, however, stop hostile mobs from spawning in dark regions. With this pack activated, players should be able to see them approaching from a distance.

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6) BetterVanillaBuilding

Although BetterVanillaBuilding is classified as a Minecraft texture pack, it is much more. This pack is, in fact, a resource pack that improves Minecraft’s block combination capabilities.

Players can create blocks not found in the vanilla release of the game by combining this pack with Optifine’s connected texture function. Players can also make their own own weapons, armor, and even Elytra if they so desire. Even the in-game critters have been redesigned to better fit the biomes they inhabit.

7) Wolfhound

Wolfhound is one of Bedrock Edition’s most distinctive packs, drawing inspiration from hand-sketched art.

Almost every texture appears to have been handcrafted, and even the item symbols have been totally redesigned. Even better, there are seven other themes to choose from, including gloomy, medieval, fairy, heavenly, and Eastern. If Minecraft players want to mix and match different types to make their own, there’s even a customizer option.

This large texture pack is as pleasing to the eye as it is adaptable.

8) Clarity

Minecraft gamers should actively consider Clarity for a fully immersive and beautiful experience.

Without the use of shaders, every 32x texture is built pixel by pixel, and the lighting and atmospheric effects are superb. Adding shaders like Optifine, on the other hand, makes this texture pack even more stunning.

Clarity maintains the game’s block-based aesthetic throughout, ensuring that players do not become too isolated. Clarity will also operate well on lower-end devices because to the decreased resolution of the textures.

9) Jicklus 1.19

Jicklus is a beautiful texture pack that combines Minecraft’s native textures with a rustic, earthy appeal. Players who want to add even more variety to the pack can download a few companion addons, which include golden birch, orange autumn, and spring blossom trees for a more seasonal feel.

Optifine users can also add connected mob textures to Jicklus, greatly increasing the immersion of a player’s gaming world with minimal effort.

10) Bare Bones

Bare Bones is ideal for those that appreciate simplicity. When compared to vanilla Minecraft, this pack reduces the excess pixels on each texture, resulting in a smoother aesthetic appearance.

In some ways, this texture pack resembles the official trailers for the game, which are far less detailed per block but still look excellent. Its colors are kept as vivid as possible, capturing the game’s aesthetic’s core attraction.

With the introduction of The Wild Update, this amazing texture pack makes minor changes to the deep dark biome, the Warden mob, and the mangrove swamp biomes. Frogs and the Allay have also been given a makeover.

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