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Fish´s Undead Rising (Bedrock) (Second Beta Phase)

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Fish´s Undead Rising addon is a java mod that was ported to bedrock with the permission of the original author, fish0016054. It adds a variety of creatures, items, and blocks that will be updated with each update.

Cre: Petergamer XD (YoutubeTwitter)

Fish´s Undead Rising

Author’s permission:

Here I will put the link of the original mod, all the credits for it:

Original mod

Fish´s Undead Rising’s Mobs

Mycosis is a hostile mob that behaves like a zombie and can occasionally appear carrying weapons or other goods. Mycosis is harmful since it has the potential to poison you in a two-block radius. It may be found in the swamp and cave biomes, and it has a vivid blue mushroom form.

When the Frigid attacks you, it slows slowly, requiring you to dodge it. The Frigid will appear with a weapon if you enable experimental mode, and it will only exist in cold biomes.

The sludge lord is an aggressive mob that will attack both the player and the villager. It can summon lil’sludge and has many attack types. The wetland biome is where you’ll find it.

Lil’Sludge: A hostile and tame mob summoned by the sludge lord or the pestilence wand, lil’sludge will only exist if summoned by the sludge lord or the pestilence wand.

The undertaker is a crowd formed by the world that has a possibility of surviving. It has the ability to call four unburieds with weapons, and if there is no golem, it can raid an entire hamlet.

The Unburied are a mob that can only be summoned by the Midnight Morne or an Undertaker.

Fish´s Undead Rising’s Items

Wand of Pestilence: The wand of pestilence is a staff that summons a small amount of sludge and is 25 percent healed with silky sludge, as explained below.

Midnight Mourne is a melee weapon that summons 4 unburieds and deals 6 damage and heals for 25% with Undying Heart.

Intestine: This is a mob-dropped object that can be opened to obtain random items.

The Frozen Dagger is a 6 damage dagger that can be made in the following manner.

The Undead Rising Frozen Thigh of Fish is a melee weapon that deals 8 damage and can be eaten.

Shattered Ice is a consumable item that also serves as a crafting material.

Undying Heart is a crafting material that is dropped by Sludgelord and Undertaker.

Hyphae: This is a type of hyphae used in crafts such as the one above.

Silky sludge is a type of sludge that is used in crafts like the one described above.

Cordy can be planted, as well as Glow Shroom, which is dropped by mycosis.

Any bug report on our discord server:


ESTEBAN1303YT modeler, Petergamer XD encoder.


  • Removed the piranha, swarner and ptera.
  • Added the unburied and undertaker.
  • Loot added to mobs.
  • Mob models have been improved.

Download Fish´s Undead Rising (Mediafire)

Download Fish´s Undead Rising (Drive)

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