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Mushroom Caves Survival Map


Mushroom Caves is a terrific survival level that features mushroom biomes within a vast cave; you’ll have plenty of resources to last, but Will you be able to get beyond this stumbling block? At the spawn spot, there will be four tents where you may test it out with your friends.

Cre: PhUnknown7

Mushroom Caves Survival Map Feature 

You and three friends are invited to take part in this wonderful journey. Mushroom Caves is a mushroom biome survival map that covers all height blocks and is placed in the complete darkness of a vast cave.

The spawn point’s tents provide everything you need to survive for a brief period of time. To survive, you’ll need to gather more resources, but depending on the difficulty level you choose, this will be difficult.

Mushroom Caves

Download Mushroom Caves Survival Map (Support Creator) 

Download Mushroom Caves Survival Map (Drive)

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