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Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

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On the Medieval Fortress map, a large fortification with homes may be observed. The inside of all of the houses have been decorated. The roads, the fountain, and the residences are all beautifully ornamented. Near the fortification, there is also a unique woodland.

CreEndXenoc MCPE (Youtube)

Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

A medieval stronghold with multiple dwellings is depicted on this map. All of the houses are painted with various locals’ occupations on the inside. Orders can be obtained that control the entrances; merely press the lever to enter the stronghold.

At a height of y = 0, the principal input commands are positioned below the lever.

There is a unique woodland around the fortification.

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Download Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

Download Medieval Fortress Map (1.16.100+)

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