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5 best Minecraft easy houses to build (2022)

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Building a house is one of the most significant things to do in Minecraft. Houses are necessary for providing refuge and assisting in keeping players safe from the night’s hostile mobs.

Minecraft houses exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, with construction difficulties ranging from simple to quite challenging. Houses that are simple to construct are very popular among some players. This could be because to a lack of time, finances, or a desire to create something basic.

Whatever the case may be, this article will show you how to create five of the most basic Minecraft buildings that are nevertheless gorgeous despite their simplicity.

Best Minecraft easy houses to build

5) Survival Starter House

This easy survival house plan, created by YouTuber “Rizzal,” demonstrates one of the greatest and easiest houses to construct while playing Minecraft survival.

Given how inexpensive it is to build, this house is nothing short of elegant in appearance. It also has a place to charm, specialized storage area, a huge bedroom, and even a handy balcony.

4) Easy Wooden House

This project by YouTuber “TSMC” is an excellent option for anyone wishing to construct something on a much smaller scale. Its construction costs are based solely on glass and wood, making it extremely low-cost.

Despite its small size, this structure contains all of the necessities, including a sleeping area, storage room, and even a space for a small outdoor farm.

3) Small Modern House

Rizzal, a prominent YouTuber, has created another another design. Fans of modern architecture will undoubtedly enjoy it. The aesthetic of the house is modern and undeniably fashionable, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Players will need quartz, stained clay, stained glass, and a wood type of their choice to complete this build. While this build necessitates a wider range of ingredients than the others on this list, the end product is well worth the investment.

2) Easy Suburban House

This structure is designed to look like a modern suburban home and is suitable for usage in any Minecraft city. The outside of this structure is primarily quartz, with two types of wood used on the roof to create a stunning contrast.

Despite being easy to construct, there’s no shortage of room inside this build. There are also two full-fledged floors with plenty of space. Overall, this is a fantastic setup for any player to employ, and it covers a wide range of scenarios.

1) Easy Survival House

Last but not least, YouTuber “Rizzal” has created a simple Minecraft survival build. It has all of the comforts that gamers might possibly require while playing survival.

This survival house’s tiny form is ideal for individuals with little space or money. It’s also inexpensive to build and only requires basic materials like stones, wood, and glass, making it ideal for surviving the first few cold nights.

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