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5 things players didn’t know about the Enderman in Minecraft


Endermen are one of the oldest types of mobs in Minecraft. In comparison to other common mobs like as zombies, skeletons, and creepers, they are relatively rare to come across.

Endermen are unique in that they are the only mob that may spawn in all three of Minecraft’s dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End.

Here are some interesting facts about the Minecraft Enderman that you might not know.

5 hidden facts about Enderman in Minecraft

#5 — Endermen are neutral mods

Endermen are neutral monsters in Minecraft, meaning they will not attack the player unless provoked. It’s simple to provoke an Enderman because they go into attack mode as soon as they make eye contact with a player.

Once the Enderman has been provoked, the only way to stop it from assaulting the player is to kill it or have it teleport away due to environmental variables such as rain, sun, or another mob attacking the Enderman.

#4 — A group of Endermen is called a Haunting

Endermen spawn in one-to-four-person groups. They’re known as a Haunting when they’re all together.

In Minecraft, hauntings can appear in all three dimensions. The Overworld, the Nether, and the End are the three realms. Despite the fact that Endermen are more numerous near the End, they do not spawn in bigger groups than four. They do, however, spawn often.

#3 — Endermen pick up flowers

Endermen can pick up a variety of blocks, including grass, stone, podzol, sand, gravel, and many others. Endermen dropped silk touched blocks, allowing players to collect grass blocks without the use of a silk touch tool.

Endermen can also pick up any type of flower, and it’s charming to witness a passive Enderman wandering around with a flower in its grasp.

#2 — Arrows cannot damage Endermen

Endermen are immune to arrows in combat because they teleport away from the area to avoid being hit. Flame and ghostly arrows can harm them.

Endermen, moreover, are immune to all types of arrows. For example, a player could drop arrows on the Endermen and set them on a single block from which they can’t teleport. The Enderman will not be harmed by the arrows or be hit by them.

#1 — Endermen fight the Ender Dragon

In Minecraft, if the Ender Dragon is provoked, Endermen will battle alongside the player. The mob will try to fight back if the Ender Dragon flies low enough to harm the Enderman or breathe acid on them.

The Ender Dragon can usually fend off the Endermen’s attacks since they usually try to catch her when she lands in the middle. There may be times when the Endermen inflict harm on the dragon.

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