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Minecraft 1.19 update expected release date, confirmed features, mobs, blocks, and more


The Wild Update is Minecraft’s upcoming big expansion. At their yearly live event, Mojang formally unveiled the 1.19 release and showed a slew of new features slated for 2022.

Following the Caves & Cliffs Part II upgrade, the Overworld underwent a major transformation, forever changing the world generation. The 1.19 update will add new biomes, mobs, blocks, and other features to the Overworld.

Minecraft The Wild Update: Things known so far

In October 2021, the Wild update was unveiled at the yearly live event. Players have already speculated on a release date for the 1.19 version based on prior updates.

The Wild Update for Minecraft is set to be launched in the summer of 2022. Players should expect the 1.19 update to come around June 10th, just with Caves & Cliffs Part I. However, these are only assumptions, and Mojang might easily postpone the update.

The Wild Update attempts to enrich the many wild biomes by introducing new varieties. Only mangrove swamps have been discovered thus far. The Wild Update will also include the release of the deep, dark cave biome.

New mobs

The Wild Update has brought with it a slew of new mobs. With The Wild Update, the most awaited mob, the warden, will be released. This creature is buried in deep dark caves, and brave players will find it.

The Allay, the winner of the mob vote in 2021, will be included in The Wild Update as well. In addition to frogs, tadpoles, and fireflies, the 1.19 update also includes frogs, tadpoles, and fireflies.

New blocks and items

Every significant update to Minecraft adds new blocks, and The Wild Update is no exception. In official previews displayed during the developers’ live streams, many blocks have already been unveiled. The following is a list of new blocks that have been announced or seen thus far:


Sculk vein

Sculk sensor

Sculk shrieker

Sculk catalyst

Reinforced deepslate

Pearlescent froglight

Verdant froglight

Ochre froglight

Mangrove log

Mangrove leaves

Mangrove planks

Mangrove propagule

Mangrove fruits

Mangrove roots


Mud bricks

Mud and roots


Bucket of tadpole

In the forthcoming betas and snapshots, Mojang will most likely include additional new resources. Because the 1.18 update focused on modifying terrain creation, players can expect plenty of new gameplay aspects in The Wild Update. As a result, the most recent update included no new blocks or items other than a music disc.

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