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New Warden mob in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update: Everything we know so far

Minecraft - cave and cliff 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs is set to release in summer 2021, and fans are eager to learn everything there is to know.

This update is game-changing, as it introduces new degrees of difficulty to the game, and people all around the world are waiting for it. Although the complete update will be massive, introducing additional copper ore and beautiful blocks, one of the most intriguing features will be the new mob: The Warden.

What is Minecraft’s new Warden mob?

The Warden is a new miniboss-like creature coming to the game with the 1.17 update, which was first shown to the community during Minecon 2020. Players can find this mob by exploring the game’s newly updated subterranean networks. This monster may be discovered in the new Deep Dark biome, which is located at the world’s darkest depths.

Although little information regarding the mob has been confirmed, what is known is that it is extremely powerful. It can kill a player wearing netherite armor in two hits, with each hit dealing up to 31 hit points, or 15 and a half hearts of damage.

Although such a mob appears to be overpowered, the Minecon team also demonstrated that it is blind! It can’t see a player, so it relies on its surroundings and echolocation-like abilities to figure out where he or she is.

If the Warden is blind, how can it find the player?

In addition to the Warden, the 1.17 update adds new blocks called skulk sensors to Minecraft. These sensors can detect any vibrations in the environment and transmit a signal to the Warden.

These sensors are currently known to detect everything from the placement of bricks to a player’s footsteps to the opening of chests. It can also detect projectiles (such as arrows and snowballs), which means that if done right, these terrifying monsters can be drawn away from a player.

Snowballs can be tossed to confuse the Warden and lead it to different regions around the deep dark dungeons, as shown in the Minecon 2020 release video.

Players should be cautious, though, for once this mob detects their existence, it will immediately grab on to them and attack. With 42+ hearts (84 hit points) and huge hit strength, this monster will be difficult to destroy if approached with anything other than trepidation.

It’s presently unknown how much a mob of this size will drop, but it’s safe to presume it’ll be a lot.

The Warden, unlike Minecraft’s boss creatures like the Ender Dragon and the Wither, isn’t meant to be attacked. During Minecon 2020, the developers admitted that it is not designed to be killed by players. Rather, this new Minecraft feature is something the player must slip through and avoid. It has to be regarded as a source of worry.

This will give Minecraft a bit more challenge, which will be greatly appreciated and will add a layer of sneakiness to the game.

Facts about the Warden

Some other things known about Minecraft’s new mob, the Warden, include:

The Warden, being four blocks tall, is taller than both Iron Golems and Endermen. The Warden is therefore twice as tall as Steve!

It uses cobwebs, lights, and boxes to guard a region in the Deep Dark tunnels. To acquire the contents of the chests, the player must first entice the mob away from the location.

The presence of the mob in the Deep Dark will cause the lighting in the area to intermittently flicker, as well as releasing a heartbeat sound that will intensify if attacked.

When the Warden is hit, he appears to become faster, approaching the player with the same speed as the player. It will be more difficult to flee if you are assaulted.

Minecraft fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Minecraft Update 1.17: Caves and Cliffs. With such power and significance, these one-of-a-kind updates will be game-changing, giving even seasoned players the sensation of playing a brand-new game. This new Warden mob will be a terrific challenge for people who have extremely advanced worlds and want a little extra adventure in the amazing world of Minecraft.

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