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Who was Technoblade and how did he die?


Tragically, TECHNOBLADE, a YouTuber who specialized in Minecraft, died of cancer.

On June 30, 2022, his father posted a YouTube video announcing the streamer’s passing.

Who is Technoblade?

According to his father, not much is known about the American gamer, whose real name is Alexander, who is 23 years old. On June 1, 1999, Technoblade, also known as Techno, was born in San Francisco, California. He is rumored to have a brother named Chris, along with three younger sisters. In some of his videos, his dog Floof has made an appearance. In his videos and tweets, Techno frequently alluded to having ADHD. He has amassed over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and several Minecraft tournament victories.

How did Technoblade die?

Technoblade had taken a few days off to rest after developing soreness in his right arm in June 2021. At first, he believed it to be a stress injury brought on by too much game playing. He went to the hospital, but instead of feeling better, he found that his shoulder was swollen and thought he had broken a bone. On August 2, 2021, he received the heartbreaking news that he had cancer.

Doctors performed multiple scans while he was there and informed him that a tumor was to blame for his arm problems. The disease was treated with chemotherapy before his passing on June 30, 2022.

Who announced Technoblade’s passing?

Technoblade’s father shared a statement from his son confirming the streamer’s passing in a YouTube video titled “So long nerds.” His father, who was seated next to his son’s cherished dog Floof, said: “I’m the father of Technoblade.  He requested me to read the letter he had written to you all.”

The message began. “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. “If you’re watching this. I am dead.” In the video, Technoblade revealed that his real name was Alexander as he kept his identity a secret to his fans. And he shared how he pranked his fans by getting a sibling to call him Dave in one video.


Additionally, he expressed gratitude to his fans for purchasing his goods and made a jest about his siblings attending college, adding, “I don’t want to subject them to any dead-brother peer pressure.” Lastly, Technoblade concluded by saying: “All from me, then.  I appreciate your continued support of my writing over the years.

“I believe that if I had an additional 100 lives, I would always choose to be Technoblade since those were the best years of my life. “I love you guys, and I hope you all have a great time with my stuff and that I made some of you laugh. I also wish that you all live long, prosperous lives.” He signed off saying: “Technoblade out.” Technoblade barely survived another eight hours after he had penned his final message to his admirers, according to his father’s sad explanation.

He stated: “Everybody said us farewell. 

He was the most incredible child anyone could ever hope to have. 

I long for Technoblade. 

I want to thank everyone for everything. 

He really valued you.”

Jake Lucky, an e-sports gamer, made a statement after learning of Techno’s passing on Twitter.

The message said: “We, Technoblade’s family, wanted you all to know how much he loved and valued his fans and coworkers.

In order to engage and reward his audience, Technoblade has always planned ahead. He has given away online prizes, promoted good sportsmanship, and, most all, shared his Minecraft exploits for their amusement and humor.

He competed with a charming balance between confidence and self-deprecating wit, managing to maintain his good-natured modesty even after his eventual wins.”

In spite of having over 10 million followers, Techo strove to maintain his anonymity, according to the statement.

“We implore you to continue to respect his requests to protect his privacy and the privacy of his family,” it said in its conclusion.

“For our son, who was battling stage 4 cancer, the previous year was filled with many difficult moments. 

He realized the odds were nearly insurmountable, yet he didn’t complain and kept trying to beat them with his renowned strategic thinking.

“All of us who had the opportunity of walking this journey with my son learned a valuable lesson from his bravery on it. “I appreciate you sharing his experience while he worked on the project he loved for his devoted admirers.”

With the information in this article about technoblade, hope has been able to help you better understand the cause of death technoblade. Very grateful and thank you for leaving life with Minecraft products and achievements. Sincere condolences to the Minecraft community.

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[…] Who was Technoblade and how did he die? […]

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