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5 best battle royale servers like PUBG in Minecraft

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Minecraft servers are well-known for drawing inspiration from popular culture, including a number of other popular video games. It’s not surprising, then, that a number of servers have adopted the fast-paced battle royale action popularized by PUBG, a game almost as well-known as Minecraft.

If you enjoy both PUBG and Minecraft, these battle royale servers are the perfect way to combine the two games into one spectacular gaming experience. Here are some of the best PUBG-inspired battle royale servers in Minecraft, without further ado.

Best battle royale servers like PUBG in Minecraft

1) CraftRealms

When it comes to Minecraft battle royale games, CraftRealms is a fantastic server. This server is mostly dedicated to multiplayer survival games such as PvP, Skywars, and Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games is the game mode that most closely resembles a BR, in which multiple Minecraft players are placed onto a single map and must fight and survive until one is victorious.


2) Warzone

WarZone is a fantastic server that combines the battle royale gameplay style with Minecraft’s colorful design. The server lets users to compete in last-man-standing bouts using firearms and vehicles that aren’t typically found in Minecraft and are more akin to those found in games like PUBG.


3) Fusion World

Fusion World, an Italian-made server, is unquestionably one of the most popular in Minecraft, with a plethora of game options to choose from. While Pixelmon, Survival, and Skyblock are all available, there are more match types such as Rust, which is based on the popular survival PC game, and a battle royale mode featuring weaponry and diminishing areas.


4) Battle Royale

This Minecraft server is the most similar to PUBG. Battle Royale is a server dedicated only to recreating battle royale games in the fun and lighthearted aesthetics of Minecraft. It’s ideal for fans of the genre. Weekly tournaments are held on the server, with prizes for the only survivor of each match!


5) Culture Craft

Culture Craft is one of the most popular Minecraft servers, with BR game options available to players. While there are many other games on the server, such as prison, creative, skyblock, and standard PvP, the battle royale mode is immensely popular.

With diminishing borders and loot chests to raid, as well as plenty of players to kill, this Minecraft server tries to emulate the action-packed gameplay of titles like PUBG and Fortnite.


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