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5 best seeds for coral reefs in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Coral reefs are beautiful natural formations found in Minecraft’s warm oceans, and they may be rather beautiful in addition to providing a lot of material blocks.

Finding these specific reefs in Minecraft can be challenging at times, which is why gamers have shared a number of world seeds that situate players near waters with reefs. This allows a large number of players to inspect the structures and gather any coral or other materials they may require.

Certain seeds in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, in particular, may be worth a player’s time to seek out and locate coral reefs.

Minecraft: Awesome seeds for finding coral reefs

5) Eroded Badlands Reef (2394)

Eroded badlands are a pretty uncommon biome in Minecraft, and this seed places players right in the middle of one at spawn. A stony coastline biome can be found if players travel westward. This biome features a warm ocean and a thriving coral reef, making it ideal for exploring.

Between the badlands and the stony coast is a mesa biome, which makes for fantastic mining opportunities if players wish to pick up some mineral ores along the route.

4) Coralush Cave (599282705)

This world seed generates players right on top of a lovely coral reef oasis, utilizing the capabilities of Minecraft 1.18’s generation engine. Players will encounter a series of tunnels surrounding the reef, featuring a new lush cave biome within.

Players looking for more coral reefs can continue west from the spawn point to find another reef ripe for the picking. It may not be the best seed for beginners, but it is a fantastic seed for exploring.

3) Massive Reef and Caves (11000001)

Minecraft users can rely on this seed to have rapid access to a massive coral reef. Players start in a marsh and can walk a few steps over to the water’s edge to find a large warm ocean with a coral reef.

Using Minecraft’s new terrain generation, this ocean biome is also filled with underwater ravines and caves, making it a fantastic find. Swimming through this unique ocean and uncovering its various treasures will not bore players easily.

2) Reef Filled with Life (5005)

Although the coral reefs in Minecraft are fantastic on their own, it never hurts to add some diversity. Players spawn adjacent to a beautiful coral reef, although it is accompanied by a few inhabitants. Turtles and dolphins, in particular, can be found traversing the ocean biome that comprises the coral reef.

Salmon and squid can also be seen scurrying around in search of food or black dye. However, players should be cautious, as the drowned can emerge in the waters rather frequently. Players should have little trouble exploring the ocean biome if they stock up on materials and make some gear from their surroundings.

1) Kingdom of Coral (368592799)

Despite the fact that this world seed necessitates a player’s visit to their coral reef, it is definitely worth the effort. Within a typical world seed for Bedrock platforms, this reef could be one of the largest ever documented by the community (Pocket Edition included). In addition, players will locate three desert settlements adjacent to the reef, as well as an ocean monument and a desert pyramid nearby.

This means that even when they’ve finished constructing the coral reef, players will have plenty of exploration to do. The reef, on the other hand, is large, so players can take their time. This seed isn’t ideal for gathering materials, but it’s one of the best coral reef seeds players have come across thus far.

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