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LEGO Minecraft sets 2023 Predictions

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According to reports, 2023 will be a great year for enthusiasts of LEGO Minecraft. LEGO and Minecraft go together naturally. After all, the core of Minecraft is a huge, digital LEGO set. Perhaps for this reason, LEGO Minecraft is one of the brand’s most well-liked and frequently used themes.

Since 2012, when LEGO Ideas 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest was published, 97 kits with a Minecraft theme have been made available. This excludes the freshly announced summer 2022 wave of LEGO Minecraft set releases. According to numerous rumors, LEGO Minecraft sets will continue to be released in both the winter and summer of 2023, along with a wide variety of set themes. These sets should be regarded as rumors until LEGO formally confirms them.

However, there is still a ton of strong data that suggests 2023 should see the release of at least x new sets for LEGO Minecraft aficionados.

LEGO Minecraft 2023 Rumored Sets Table

Set NameSet NumberRetail PricePiece CountRelease Date
EGO Minecraft The Swamp Adventure21240$9.9965January 1st 2023
LEGO Minecraft The Beehive21241$19.99254January 2023
LEGO Minecraft The End Arena 21242$24.99252
January 2023
LEGO Minecraft The Frozen Peaks21243$34.99304January 2023
LEGO Minecraft The Sword Outpost21244$44.99427January 2023
LEGO Minecraft The Panda House21245$49.99553
January 2023
LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz Alex40624$9.9986
April 2023
LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz Llama40625$9.99100April 2023
LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz Zombie40626$9.9981
April 2023
LEGO Minecraft [?]
January 2023
LEGO Minecraft [Polybag]30647?45
January 2023

LEGO Minecraft 21240 The Swamp Adventure 

A new LEGO Minecraft set was added to the Building Instructions Portal database in April 2022.

Although it is now hidden, astute LEGO aficionados saved the uploaded data.

MINKTOR LEGO 21240 The Swamp Adventure’s release date was set as January 1st, 2023 when it was posted to the database. This would include the set in the winter wave of 2023 LEGO releases.

In late August 2022, Brickmerge posted a listing for LEGO Minecraft 21240 The Swamp Adventure.

In this listing, they disclosed a lot of rumors, including the anticipated retail price ($9.99) and piece count (65 pieces).

The identical information was published by Stonewars in a report dated September 13th, 2022.

This could appear expensive for so few bricks. 

The set, however, is expected to include brand-new minifigures that are exclusive to it and are based on The Wild Update mods.

Mojang Studios released The Wild Update for Minecraft on June 7th, 2022.

The mangrove swamps and the deep dark were two new biomes that were included in the upgrade.

Four new mobs—the warden, allay, tadpoles, and mangrove logs—as well as a new assortment of building components were included along with these new biomes.

LEGO Minecraft aficionados should be thrilled with the introduction of the reported 2023 kit, despite the set’s alleged tiny size.

Since the 2017 LEGO Minecraft 21133 The Witch Hut, it will be the first set with a swamp biome theme.

LEGO Minecraft sets

502 pieces and two different Minifigures made up the Witch Hut. 

When it was first offered for sale on March 1st, 2017, it cost $59.99.

According to Brickmerge, the target market for LEGO Minecraft set 21240 The Swamp Adventure will be children aged 7 and up.

They also predict that the collection will be available until the year 2023.

LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Beehive 

LEGO fan sites were inundated in August 2022 with reports of LEGO Minecraft kits that were rumored to be launched in 2023.

21241 LEGO Minecraft 

Brickmerge spread the initial rumors about The Beehive during this time.

With a suggested retail price of $19.99, Brickmerge posted LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Beehive to their website.

They added that the set would be accessible beginning in January 2023. 

It follows that the set will probably be made available on January 1st, 2023.

Brickmerge’s data was supplemented by Stonewars, who gave an estimated piece count of 254 pieces.

One other LEGO set with a bee theme has been made by LEGO before: the 2020 release of LEGO Minecraft 21165 The Bee Farm.

LEGO fan sites were inundated in August 2022 with reports about sets rumored to be coming out in 2023.

Minecraft LEGO 21241 During this period, Brickmerge spread the first rumors about The Beehive.

Brickmerge posted LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Beehive on their website with a retail price tag of $19.99.

The set would be accessible beginning in January 2023, they added. This most likely indicates that the set will be made available on January 1, 2023.

By adding an estimated piece count of 254 pieces, Stonewars supplemented Brickmerge’s data.

The LEGO Minecraft 21165 The Bee Farm set from 2020 is the only other set by LEGO with a bee theme.

The set, which had 238 pieces and 2 special minifigures, was also priced at $19.99.

Not every LEGO set with a similar subject is an enlargement of another.

Nevertheless, the previous Bee Farm might go well with LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Beehive. especially if the bee pattern doesn’t change.

LEGO Minecraft 21242 The End Arena 

LEGO Minecraft 21242 The End Arena is already a little underwhelming for fans in comparison to other kits on this list.

Along with the other anticipated 2023 LEGO Minecraft sets, the set with its full name was published on Brickmerge in August 2022.

21242 LEGO Minecraft The suggested retail price for The End Arena is $24.99. But according to Stonewars, the set will only include 252 pieces.

That is 2 pieces fewer than the previously discussed, significantly less expensive LEGO Minecraft 21241 The Beehive.

The LEGO Minecraft 21145 from 2018 When the 198-piece Skull Arena first hit the stores, it cost only $19.99.

It’s possible that LEGO has chosen to increase the cost of their LEGO Minecraft Arenas. Also, LEGO Minecraft 21242 The End Arena will be a creative and innovative hub to support the cost.

Previous LEGO interpretations of The End in Minecraft have received varying levels of praise. Therefore, ideally, this following set will be a positive move.

LEGO Minecraft 21243 The Frozen Peaks 

In August 2022, Brickmerge posted a listing for LEGO Minecraft 21243 The Frozen Peaks. Its release date, January 2023, was specified in the listing.

The kit’s suggested retail price of $34.99 makes it the least expensive ice/frozen biome-themed LEGO Minecraft set to date.

In September 2022, Stonewars elaborated on Brickmerge’s rumor.

The set was given a 304 piece count to match its pricing as the least expensive set in its sub-theme.

In 2017, a version of LEGO Minecraft with the same name—LEGO Minecraft 21131 The Ice Spikes—was made available.

Despite the names of these sets being rather similar, they differ sufficiently to allow us to interpret what LEGO Minecraft set 21243 The Frozen Peaks might represent.

Peaks instead of Spikes suggests that the reported 2023 set will have a wintery, mountainous feel.

Since 2017, there hasn’t been a specifically mountain-themed LEGO set.

In light of this, LEGO Minecraft 21243 The Frozen Peaks will be a wonderful addition to the mountain and snow LEGO Minecraft ranges.

LEGO Minecraft 21244 The Sword Outpost

Despite the fact that there have already been two Outpost LEGO sets, the mystery behind LEGO Minecraft 21244 The Sword Outpost persists.

In August 2022, Brickmerge first revealed LEGO Minecraft 21244 The Sword Outpost along with its complete rumored set name.

The package was expected to go on sale for $44.99 at some point in January 2023.

Fans didn’t learn anything about the set’s contents until Stonewars allegedly said that it contained 427 pieces.

The previous 303–519 piece LEGO Minecraft Outpost kits have been available.

A structure of some kind serving as the main outpost and some picturesque features have been the principal constructions.

Each of them is based on a real-world outpost from the Minecraft video game. for instance, LEGO Minecraft 21159 Based on the different forest pillager outposts in the game, The Pillager Outpost in 2020.

Since there are no sword outposts in Minecraft, the set’s potential structures are all the more enigmatic.

Fans must wait until 21244 for LEGO Minecraft. LEGO provides formal confirmation to The Sword Outpost so that they can learn more.

LEGO Minecraft 21245 The Panda House

If reports are accurate, LEGO will release the second set featuring a panda since 2020.

21245 LEGO Minecraft The Panda House, which is scheduled to be published in January 2023, is offered by Brickmerge for an estimated price of $49.99.

According to Stonewars, the set will feature a fair number of pieces—approximately 553—to match the sale price.

It contains more than twice as many pieces as the 2020 LEGO Minecraft 21158 The Panda Nursery.

Many fans found the 2020 set to be underwhelming, especially considering how little the set’s main build was.

The construction was minimal for a “Nursery,” consisting only of a few columns and a plain roof.

The set’s redeeming grace was the cute pandas, which included a mother and a baby panda.

Given the estimated number of pieces in LEGO Minecraft 21245 The Panda House, it is probable that LEGO will make up for their error and provide fans with a more complex and fascinating panda-themed construction in the 2023 set.

Fans undoubtedly also anticipate seeing the adorable pandas again.

LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40624 Alex

Three new Minecraft BrickHeadz were also added to the database of the LEGO Building Instructions Portal about the same time as LEGO Minecraft 21240 The Swamp Adventure was posted.

LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40624 Alex was one of them.

The identical set was then released to Brickmerge’s website in August 2022.

They state that the set is about 86 pieces in size and costs $9.99. Stonewars reiterated this information in September 2022.

Additionally, according to Brickmerge, the set will target consumers aged 10 and up. This means that compared to previous suspected LEGO Minecraft kits, the BrickHeadz build will be more difficult.

The LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40624 Alex set is anticipated to be released in April 2023 as opposed to January 2023 like the other sets speculated for 2023.

Only one Minecraft-themed BrickHeadz set has ever been released by LEGO.

A double BrickHeadz set called LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 41612 Steve & Creeper was launched on August 1st, 2018.

One of the tiniest double sets in the LEGO BrickHeadz collection, the set only included 160 pieces.

The set was a must-have for aficionados of Minecraft.

Alex has already been included as a minifigure in several LEGO Minecraft sets.

The Mushroom House, a LEGO Minecraft expansion that was launched on January 2, 2022, is the most recent example.

Viewing Alex’s detail on a greater scale will be interesting.

LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40625 Llama

The LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40625 Llama was another set that was submitted to the Building Instructions Portal database in April 2022.

The bundle was listed on Brickmerge for $9.99 with a release date of April 2023.

The Llama BrickHeadz are expected to be published in April and promoted for ten years or more, similar to the anticipated LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40624 Alex.

The largest BrickHeadz rumored for 2023 is the LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40625 Llama, which according to Brickmerge (and later Stonewars) is a little larger set with 100 pieces.

Fans of Minecraft mods might not choose a llama as their first preference for a BrickHeadz adaptation right away.

But it will make it possible for the ideal follow-up set from the LEGO Minecraft 21188 The Llama Village set released on June 1, 2022.

A set that has garnered positive ratings on the set’s official sale page from LEGO Minecraft aficionados.

A llama-style BrickHeadz creation has never before been produced by LEGO.

Regular lovers of LEGO and LEGO Minecraft might anticipate witnessing an unusual animal come to life… brick, etc.

LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40626 Zombie

LEGO Minecraft Brickheadz 40626 Zombie was the last set to be added to the Building Instructions Portal database in April.

This kit, which retails for $9.99 but only has 81 pieces, is the smallest LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz set anticipated for April 2023, according to Brickmerge.

Do not be deterred by the fact that there are a few less pieces for the same $9.99 retail price.

A BrickHeadz set’s average size is still 81 pieces.

In a variety of LEGO Minecraft sets, the Minecraft zombie has been portrayed.

Fans should anticipate that the BrickHeadz representation of it will be modeled after the standard Minecraft zombie. 

mostly because it is the most recognizable to lovers of Minecraft.

LEGO Minecraft 21246

Despite being the most costly set expected for 2023, there isn’t much information available for enthusiasts to speculate about with LEGO Minecraft 21246.

In their roundup of 2023 set rumors published on September 13th, Stonewars featured LEGO Minecraft 21246.

They broke the news about the set first. Not even Brickmerge has listed the mystery set as of yet.

Stonewars claims that the LEGO Minecraft 21246 set will be made available in January 2023 along with the other suspected LEGO Minecraft sets.

At an estimated $64.99, it is considered to be the most costly (and most likely largest) set ever released.

Other LEGO Minecraft sets in this price range typically feature 700 or more pieces. But until more information is available, disregard that number.

LEGO Minecraft 30647 

LEGO Minecraft 30647 is the most current and last set to be predicted for 2023.

In addition to posting about the set, Stonewars also launched the rumor regarding the equally enigmatic LEGO Minecraft 21246. (above).

Fans, however, might speculate about the set based solely on its set number, LEGO Minecraft 30647.

LEGO Minecraft 30647, a polybag with a Minecraft theme and about 45 pieces, is anticipated to be released in January 2023. probably to mark the introduction of the bigger LEGO Minecraft sets.

Since 2019, there have been four releases of LEGO Minecraft polybags.

Each set typically debuts on January 1st and is offered until December 31st, when the subsequent polybag goes on sale.

The little information circulating about LEGO Minecraft 30647 makes it difficult to determine the theme for the 2023 polybag.

LEGO Minecraft 30432 The Turtle Beach is an older polybag of the same size from the LEGO Minecraft line.

A 46-piece set of this was released on January 1st, 2022.

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