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How to make LEGO Minecraft chest

Minecraft Lego chest

For instructions on creating your own LEGO Minecraft chest, check out this tutorial.

LEGO YouTuber Tiago Catarino made a structure inspired by the game to celebrate the most recent update to Minecraft. He provided detailed instructions on how to create a LEGO replica of the recognizable chest from Minecraft that you can use to create one for yourself.

The structure is composed of plates and bricks in the authentic Minecraft colors of brown, black, and grey. Since the chest actually opens and shuts at the conclusion, it can provide a handy storage option for any extra parts you have lying around from previous builds.

This fan-made model is another example of how Minecraft designs, with their distinctive blocky appearance, lend themselves wonderfully to LEGO structures. The plate sizes may be simply doubled or quadrupled to scale it up.

Check out the complete list of the most recent summer set releases here if you feel like you need more LEGO Minecraft in your life. Additionally, keep in mind that voting for a future LEGO Minecraft skin is still open.

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