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Retro Run | Map Minecraft PE

Retro Run is a challenging parkour level for 2-8 players with a Death Run-style time constraint imposed by a lava wave. With 5 spawn points and over 80 variations, the map is retro in style!

The map includes a texture pack based on Glitch Fall, as well as music by artistic Aries Beats from the 1980s.

Cre: Trotamundos872

Retro Run Map

Genaral Map

When you hit the button, the map splits into six parts; each component having four different shapes, resulting in an unlimited number of possibilities.

Game play

The map will begin chasing lava towards the players within seconds of the song commencing, and will continue to do so for the length of the tour. When players die, they will reappear at a check point every 80 blocks. After it has been eliminated, players can enter spectator mode and view the eliminated players.

Download Map (Support Creator)

Download Map (Drive)

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