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Realsource RTX Texture pack bedrock

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RealSource RTX is a new 3D texture pack for Minecraft PE that it change both Rtx texture Pack Bedrock and the Minecraft Java RTX texture pack! It’s available in 128, 512, 1024 px. Textures with light, reflection, and 3D surface structure in combination with RTX create the most realistic RTX package for Bedrock.


Realsource RTX Texture pack bedrock

You can use RTX to play all of your survival or creative maps with this RTX texture pack bedrock package! The RealSource RTX pack strives to achieve the most realistic-looking textures possible!

The RealSource pack has unique texture linking and uses an intelligent resolution of the effects of individual textures. The size of the 1024px pack is about 4500MB.

SOME SCREENSHOT for RTX texture pack bedrock package

Download and more infomation about texture you can find

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