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Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Pack


Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Pack made in celebration of Halloween 2021. It includes three maps that I made in 2016 and moved over from the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition to the Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Murder Mysteries Map Pack

What is the Murder Mysteries?

Murder Mystery is a game in which one player is the murderer and the other players are the victims. It can be played with 3 to 8 friends. The murderer must try to kill as many innocent people as can, while the innocent must live to find out who the culprit is!

What Are the Different Types of Maps?

Let’s have a look at the three maps that make up Murder Mysteries Map Pack set.

The first is terrifying barnyard, which sends you to an abandoned farmyard where individuals appear and then vanish; your objective is to figure out what happens to those who enter the creepy barnyard.


The second map, Peach’s Castle, brings you to an abandoned Super Mario 64 castle copy. Princess Peach was shot with a fireball by Bowser, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Some people believe Bowser was not the mastermind behind the disaster, so find out for sure!

The third and final map is Catacombs. When a custodian went to investigate a tomb, he fell into these ancient catacombs and was never seen or heard from again. You must discover what happened to the graveyard’s keeper and who is to blame for his disappearance.

That’ll do it for all three Maps; a video showcasing more of them, as well as a download, can be found down below! Please tell me which of these is your personal favorite!

Download Forge’s Minecraft Murder Mysteries Map Pack

More maps you can find at, have you enjoys it with your friends.

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