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Loled Furniture Addon Season 3 | Functional Furniture

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Loled Furniture Addon is a furniture addon for Minecraft bedrock that adds more than 100+ custom blocks to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Some cool things such as refrigerators, chairs, tables, sofas, and others.

Cre: Loled (YoutubeTwitter)

Loled Furniture Addon

With the selection of furniture, your Minecraft world will become more entertaining and intriguing. In this update, amazing new ornamental elements—over 100 blocks—and new functionality are incorporated. enhancing some modeling, adding more textures, and adding various beach decoration objects! Let’s get your house decorated!

Loled Furniture Addon

About Loled Furniture Addon

Living room

  • Armchair & Curtain & Sofa: these things include their color variant
  • TV stand & TV (can use control item to use the TV)


  • Bathroom mirror – sink
  • Shower
  • Toilet & Toilet paper
  • Bathtub


  • Dining table: it has a connection system
  • Barstool: you can sit on it
  • Chairs: has its color variations and you also can sit on it
  • Kitchen cabinet – Coffee machine – Microwave – Kitchen cooktop – Kitchen dish – Fridge – Stove: each one has its functional
  • Pan
  • Kitchen sink, stand, trash can


  • Monitor – JBL – Arcade: have functional
  • CPU gamer & Gaming chair that you can sit
  • PS5: there is the interaction
  • PS2
  • Notebook
  • Xbox Series X & Xbox Classic
  • Phone support: can interact, use “LOLPhone” to interact with it

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