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5 best farms for a beginner in Minecraft (2022)

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Farms are an excellent way for players to quickly harvest resources in Minecraft. While time is of the essence, having a farm can save players a lot of time and effort when they are trying to focus on other things like mining or construction.

Certain farms are superior than others, and beginners should make sure they have the following farms when building in Minecraft.

The 5 best farms for a beginner in Minecraft (2022)

Farms can be utilized for a variety of purposes in Minecraft. Materials, XP, and, of course, food can all be harvested by players. Each of the farms listed below will benefit players in a different way. However, whatever one the players begin with may be determined by the mobs or goods available when they begin.

Here are the 5 best farms for beginners in Minecraft


Cows are undoubtedly one of the best mobs for a farm that a player can have. They provide so much value to the gamers that setting up a cow farm should always be a top priority. Leather can be used to construct armor, beef can be cooked to satisfy hunger, and milk can be obtained by milking the cow. In addition, raising cows can earn the player XP, which is a nice bonus on top of everything else.

Leather – Players can craft useful goods such as armor and saddles out of leather. Leather armor isn’t the most durable, but it’ll do until a player can construct iron armor. Milk – Milk is used to remove the player’s status effects. A player can get milk from a cow by approaching it with an empty bucket and using it on it. Raw meat is dropped by cows when they are defeated. Cooked beef may be made with this item in a furnace or over a campfire, which is ideal for players who need to replenish their health.

best farms for a beginner

In Minecraft, breeding cows is also fairly simple. Before a cow enters love mode, players must just take some wheat and give it to it. Then they must locate another neighboring cow and repeat the process. 

Wheat farm

In Minecraft, wheat is an extremely useful crop. Wheat is not only simple to start producing, but it can also be used for a variety of purposes within the game. To begin, players can make wheat-based meals such as bread, cake, and cookies. On the other hand, users can utilize it to breed other animals on their farms.

Excess wheat can also be used to make hay bales. Wheat facts to consider:

Seeds can be found inside grass by players. When they break the grass block, seeds fall out, which can then be placed within a dirt block to grow into wheat. The wheat can be harvested, and it will drop additional seeds and the process will resume. Players can swiftly expand their farm this way.

Players will benefit from:

Wheat can not only breed animals, but it may also cause specific animals to follow the player if they have wheat in their hand. This means that if a player needs to bring someone to an enclosure, all they have to do is equip the wheat and lead them inside. This makes it simple to move animals around in Minecraft.

XP Farm

Players will discover that in order to execute some acts in Minecraft, they will need a lot of XP. A player who wishes to repair or enchant an item, for example, will need XP, which they will pay as a cost to conduct the repair or enchantment. Players will always be looking for quick and easy ways to get XP, and the ideal option is to use an XP farm.

Some ways of farming XP in Minecraft:

Players can establish an automatic mob farm/grinder in which they can funnel mobs into a limited area where they can kill them manually or automatically to get stuff and XP.

Players can earn XP by hunting out mobs such as enderman.

The player can gain XP by finding the Bottle of Enchanting. This item, on the other hand, cannot be farmed in Minecraft.

Chicken Farm

Chickens provide a fairly basic farm for players who are looking for one. Chickens may be found in several biomes throughout Minecraft, and users can farm them for feathers and uncooked chicken. 

Important information regarding chickens:

Seeds can be used to guide hens. When the player is within 6 blocks of a chicken holding seeds, the bird will follow the player around. This is useful for transporting them from one site to another. Chickens also lay one egg every 5-10 minutes or so. Chicken eggs can be used in pumpkin pie and cake recipes. They can, however, be tossed, and when shattered, have a minuscule chance of spawning a baby chicken. Each egg has a 1/8 chance of hatching into a chick.

In addition to throwing eggs to produce chicks, players may easily breed chickens. To make a chicken enter love mode, players must first give it seeds. To get another chicken to enter love mode, the player must offer it seeds. When they are both in love, hearts will appear on their faces, and they will spawn a chick. This interaction will also provide XP to the player.


Players will need a good night’s sleep after all of their farming, and they will almost certainly need a bed to do so. Wool is required for making a bed, and sheep are delighted to offer it without having to be slaughtered.

Players can breed sheep to obtain wool, which can be dyed in a variety of colors and used for bedding and decorating.

Shears can be used to extract 1-3 wool from a sheep without causing any injury to the sheep. Sheep can regenerate wool after being sheered in around 1-2 minutes. Sheep will follow a player carrying wheat, making it simple to move them to a new place.

Players can breed sheep by feeding one of them wheat and inducing love mode in them. They must then locate a second sheep and convince them to switch to love mode as well. They will generate a lamb and give the player XP once they are both in love mode.

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