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10 cool Minecraft house designs for your next build (2022


Minecraft is a fantastic game for folks who enjoy being creative and building things. Building is a big component of the game, and some players can make anything they want with all of the different pieces.

Making your residence is a crucial decision when playing in a survival environment. Some gamers enjoy going above and above when it comes to construction, resulting in intricate, highly detailed creations.

There are so many different types of residences to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ll go through the ten coolest house ideas for you to build in this article.

10 cool Minecraft house designs you can use in your next build

10) Suburban

Many players enjoy constructing massive, fantasy-like homes. But what about recreating the real-life residences you see every day? You can with this suburban house design! These houses are mostly made of non-descriptive blocks, such as terracotta, or materials that are commonly seen in real life, such as stone and normal bricks.

9) Treehouse

The Treehouse is a fantastic design for people who want to be above all of the ground-spawning creatures. It’s simple to build a treehouse; simply select a large tree and add to it; large jungle trees make excellent treehouse foundations.

Having a home among the trees allows you to see a lot more land than you would typically be able to, providing an incredible outlook.

8) Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a trendy internet craze that has been sweeping the globe. Colorful flowers, a lot of leaves, farms, and small cottage-like houses are all part of the cottagecore aesthetic. Cottagecore could be the answer if you’re looking for a cute and modest house design.

7) Modern

Modern house designs have been around for a long time, and Minecraft texture packs have been created to make them appear even better. These house designs are often created using a black and white color scheme, with quartz and terracotta as the primary building materials.

There are a variety of designs to choose from that all fit the current look, so you won’t be limited in terms of choice.

6) Barn

A barn home design is a unique concept that should be used by all Minecraft players. This design resembles a barn on the outside, yet it is a house on the inside. This is ideal for players that enjoy farming and raising cattle, as it complements the house’s theme.

5) Beach house

Beach cottages are a fantastic design for any player that enjoys fishing. If your Minecraft world has a beach, you should definitely consider building a beach house. These houses are often constructed of white or pastel-colored bricks and offer spectacular vistas. Plus, you never know when you’ll come across some buried treasure!

4) Boathouse

Boathouses are a fantastic idea for folks who enjoy modest, charming homes. These houses, unlike real-life boathouses, cannot move, but they are really attractive. You could even go all out and construct a dock around your boathouse. Trapdoors can be used to create a floating boundary around the house, which is commonly made of wooden boards.

3) Tudor

Everyone is familiar with medieval house plans, but what about Tudor home plans? From 1485 until 1603, the Tudor period had some renowned house designs that are fun to build in Minecraft! To duplicate the aesthetic, this design incorporates a lot of copper, wood logs, and blackstone.

2) Japanese

In Minecraft, the Japanese house style can be used to create some extremely spectacular constructions. The ceiling of this type of structure is usually brightly colored, and in this case, prismarine blocks were used. Accents are usually made of darker wood. Furthermore, banners can be utilized to reproduce the Japanese flag. Bamboo can also be grown around the house for a more natural look.

1) Fairytale

This pink fairytale house is adorable and a terrific design to utilize as inspiration for your new home. The houses themselves are often more on the little side, and the builds are typically quite creative and fun. This house appears to have been created with a texture pack, however pink terracotta may be used to duplicate the look in vanilla Minecraft!

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